monokraftの家具は、北海道・東川町の家具工場「インテリア ナス」、旭川の「ガージー・カーム・ワークス」、そして東川町の自社工房「東10号工房」の3つの工場でつくられています。いずれの工場も、流れ作業によらず、一人の職人が全ての工程を担当して、ひとつずつ家具を完成させてゆきます。難しい仕口や実験的な構造をクリアする、熟練の技や経験。ねじれるような曲面や繊細なラインを描き出す、職人の感性と確かな手作業。彼らの精緻な仕上げは、長く使うほど家具の味わいと満足感を高めていきます。

monokraft furnitures are made at the factory of “Interior NASU” in Higashikawa, Hokkaido, “Gauzy Calm Works” in Asahikawa or our own workshop “East 10 workshop” in Higashikawa. There is no line operation there; Each piece is made from start to finish by the same dedicated workman. The difficult joining methods and experimental structures are made possible by the experience and skill of the seasoned craftsmen. Their eye to esthetic and reliable hand work are essential in order to produce the delicate lines and the slight distortion of the curved surface. The finish work of the craftsmen will enhance the satisfaction of having good and lasting furniture.

Interior NASU

Gauzy Calm Works

East 10 workshop